Kat gets the cream

Sam and Kat have been married for 7 years with 2 children. They lived a comfortable life, the usual 4 bedroom house, 2 cars and a dog. With the children grown up it meant that they both had more time for themselves. They loved going out, well why wouldn’t you when Sam had such a fantastic wife by his side. They both loved to travel, and now was the time to get abroad on their own for the first time. As they liked to party a little they decided to go to mainland Spain, Benidorm seemed the ideal place to go let their hair down. 

They packed their bags and had an early night, they’d picked an early flight so they could get to the hotel as quickly as possible and start enjoying their holiday.Everything was on time and a couple of hours of the flight they were inAlicante airport waiting for the transfer to Benidorm and their hotel. 

Their room was on the 3rd floor, with a nice little lounge/ kitchen, bathroom and a double bedroom. Sam opened the curtains to the patio doors and looked at the view across the large pool. The complex was in a U shape so they could see apartments across from theirs. 

Once settled in they both changed into their swimwear and headed for the pool. It was a lovely wam day, not too busy, and they got drinks and found 2 loungers near the pool, but not too near to get soaked. There was a mixture of families, couples, girl and boys groups, so it seemed like a nice hotel. 

They stayed out for a couple of hours, can’t over do it on the first day. As they had booked fully inclusive it was soon time to get ready for dinner. They both dressed up, Kat wearing one of her many summer dresses and, Sam noticed, white lacy underwear, god he still fancies his wife rotten.

At the restaurant they sat near a window, this was to be their table for the duration of the holiday. This suited them fine. They could see all that was going inside and out. 

As the meal continued a group of 6 lads were getting a bit loud. They were joined by 2 girls, both pissed and obviously the centre of the lads attention. Sam wondered if the lads had fucked them both, and how many of them. This made him horny. He loved sex and well he liked the idea of watching people. Sam soon brought his attention back to their table by asking the waiter for more drinks. 

The night carried on in similar fashion, they went to the outdoor bar, where a man was singing, trying to be Michael Buble. It was ok, but better after having a few drinks. Sam noticed the lads and girls leaving together. A few minutes later he saw the lights go on in a room opposite where he was sat, this was also opposite their room. The girls came onto the lounge, followed by 2 lads. They were kissing and playing around, all four of them, the 2 girls were making out with both boys. Sam was transfixed. Kat again distracted him telling him it was bedtime, it had been a long day. She told |Sam the boys were obviously players and the girls slags.Little did she know.

A few more days passed, and they got into a routine, when that afternoon, one of the lads came over and asked Dave if they fancied joining him and his mate at cards. He did say it was for money, but only a few euros. They both liked playing cards so agreed, well it would pass a couple of hours until dinner.

2 hours later Sam was 20 euros down and pissed. The lads had done them over. They excused themselves and went to have a quick nap before the meal. Kat was a little playful, but unfortunately Sam fell asleep, leaving Kat frustrated. When he awoke, Kat wasn’t at his side. He could feel a breeze. The patio doors were open and Kat was sitting on the white plastic chair looking out across the pool. When Sam joined them she jumped. He could see she was watching the lads playing volleyball in the pool, all 6 of them. This gave Sam a little stiffie. Kat noticed and grabbed Sam by the hand and told him to make love to her. He did but it didn’t last long, it never did, leaving Kat frustrated. She showered, dressed in red underwear, a red dress and heels. She looked amazing.

Once down in the restaurant they both saw the lads again, one wolf whistled as they walked passed. Kat smiled and waved. The food came and while it wasn’t brilliant it was lining their stomach for the night ahead.

Out in the bar the lads were already at a table and asked them to join them, they couldn’t sit together and were sandwiched between them. One particular lad was paying a lot of attention to Kat. Sam was getting drunk, he didn’t realize the lads were getting round after round for him, but not for them. After a couple of hours they were invited to the lads room for another round of cards. Sam wasn’t too interested but Kat said they should as it would be fun, and he might win his money back.

The drinks kept coming and Sam was struggling to keep awake. He excused himself and told them he was off to the room, he told Kat she could stay and one of the lads assured him they would walk her home. Not more than an hour later Kat climbed into  bed. Sam stirred and she tied to grab his cock but he was too soft. She put her head towards him but he said he was too drunk and they do it tomorrow. 

The next day Sam didn’t feel too well, he told Kat he was going to stay in the room, but if she wanted she could go to the pool. He would meet her for lunch.

He sat on the balcony in the cool air, which was helping. Kat was on a lounger in her bikini. She was getting a great tan. Sam noticed 2 of the lads in the pool. He saw Kat and went over to talk to her, sitting on the lounger. It quickly became clear he fancied Kat. Sam could hear their laughter from the balcony. Kat whispered to the lad, reached in her bag and handed him some sun cream, Within seconds tha lads hand were rubbin it into her back, Kat laid down and he proceeded to massage it into her legs. Sam was hard, well as hard as he could be.

At lunch Sam said to Kat that she looked like she was having a good time, she just smiled. Sam still didn’t feel brilliant so excused himself and went back to their balcony. As he glanced over he saw Kat on the lads balcony. She waved and he just nodded at her. The lad that did the suncream came onto the balcony and grabbed hold of Kat’ hand, he also waved across at Sam, sam was so aroused.

The door shut behind Kat and the lad and Sam were now a little worried, so he texted her. Kat replied she was ok and it was safe. A couple of hours later Kat came back, showing Sam 40 euros she had won. Sam was so proud of her. 

They missed dinner as they had been invited to the lads again. This time all 6 were there, it was a little crowded, once again the drink flowed. Sam was gullible. He was pissed within and hour and fell asleep on the chair on the balcony.  When he woke Kat wasn’t there, And by the looks of it neither were the lads. But he hear noises coming from one of the bedrooms. The door was slightly open. He was totally shocked. Kat was on the bed with the lad, kissing, while one of his mates was taking photos with his Iphone. Sam pushed into the room, Kat assured him it was fine and to go sit back down on the balcony. When she came out of the room she was very flushed. Sam pobed but she wouldn’t say anything other than it was just a drunken kiss

That night after dinner Kat said she wanted to invite 2 of the lads to their room. They only had 2 nights left. Sam was worried, what would happen.

The boys came round at 8, just as instructed. Kat told Sam to sit in the chair in the bedroom. She grabbed both lads and they were all on the bed in a second, Kats dress was short and they could all see she didn’t have any knickers on. The boys pinned her down, one forcing his cock into her mouth, whilst the other entered her without any foreplay. Kat screamed. Sam wanted to get up and grab the lads but they told him to sit down or they would post the pics all over the internet of the earlier kissing session.

The lad fucking her was pounding her pussy like his life depended on it.Her mouth was full of cock and the lad grabbed her head pulling out and shooting cum all over her face and hair. He quickly took out his phone for more photos. The lad fucking her filled her pussyn with spunk, Sam couldn’t believe his eyes. Kat was leaking cum and had a face full of it as well. 

It didn’t stop there, one of the lads grabbed her hips lifting her off the bed, he forced her down onto him, entering her freshly fucked pussy. Cum leaking out of her. Then he withdrew fro her and pushed the tip against her ass. God Sam hadn’t fucked her ass ever. It was a struggle and Kat looked to be in pain, but before either of them could do anything the lad forced her down further, her ass stretching for him. After a few thrusts the other lad climbed on and fucked her pussy again. He lasted a while before shooting spunk up in her again.

The lad in her ass took his cock out and offered it to her mouth. Kat sucked it wildly, tasting her ass on him. He grabbed her head and held her still, his balls tightening, he released a load of cum down her throat, holding her, telling her to swallow, which she dutifully did. She had been used, and Sam loved it. The lads made him feel so small with their constant erections. 

Then one lad grabbed hold of Kat’s hand and informed Sam she would be staying the night with them, all 6 of them, Sam nearly passed out, he was shocked that Kat just said yes and left with them.

The next morningnhe woke to a lot of pictures on his phone. Kat Had been fucked and sucked everyone of the lads, she was a complete mess. He was instructed to come to the balcony. As he looked across he saw Kat sat on one of the lads knees in just a towel, her dress was draped over the balcony for all to see.

Dave and mel

Dave and Mel had been married for quite a long time, it seemed forever sometimes, Mel tried to keep the marriage young, thinking of ideas of what to do in their spare time, unfortunately Dave had started to lose his spark. They still had sex, but it wasn’t what Mel wanted. She wanted to be desired, lusted after. She knew she could turn heads when she dressed up. It was just a shame she never had anyone to go out with. Most of her girlfriends had become boring, hitting mid life and with families they never seemed to be around.

Mel had a wardrobe full of clothes, and a drawer full of very nice underwear, that she was longing to wear. She wanted to be shown off. She had kept her figure, with nice slim legs, pert bottom and breasts. If only someone could look at her that way, instead of the dutiful wife. 

As it was close to Mel’s 56th birthday Dave  decided it was time they went out. He booked a nice Italian restaurant, and a table at the champagne bar. He told Mel to dress up as its was going to be a very special treat. If only he knew how special.

The day arrived and as instructed Mel put on her favorite black underwear, stocking and blue dress, it showed off her figure to the maximum.Dave had a white shirt, dark trousers and shoes, he knew he couldn’t compete with Mel.

They got a taxi into town, Dave noticed the taxi driver kept looking at Mel in the rear view mirror, she didn’t see him as she was so excited for the night ahead she was staring as=t Dave and telling him what she fancied to eat.

The meal went down a storm, Mel certainly got the attention of the waiters, she would catch them looking at her breasts, bringing a flush to her face. Dave knew she was enjoying the night even more now.

After the meal they moved onto the Champagne bar, the waiter showed them to their table and gave them each a drink menu. Once ordered they both started to relax more. The drinks arrived and wow they were delicious. The waiter informed them that Pierre was the bartender who had made them. They both looked across to the bar, Pierre was inna tight white shit, with red bow tie , that’s all they could see as the rest was hidden behind the bar counter.

Dave commented on how smart he looked, Mel didn’t say anything. He could see her eyes transfixed on Pierre. Now Dave got a little excited, knowing his wife was perving at Pierre.

With Mel’s excitement the drink didn’t last long, she summoned the waiter over, ordered 2 more drinks, explaining that she would like Pierre to make them. She didn’t take her eyes off him. He knew she was watching so made a big show for her. His flaring skills were second to none. When he had completed his routine a large round of applause filled the bar. He blew a kiss to Mel and again her cheeks flushed.

Dave now had a plan. He excused himself and went to the toilet, on his way back he handed a note to Pierre.

They had a couple more cocktails, and surprisingly, but not to Dave, Mel was very tipsy. She made it quite clear it was time to go home, As She stood up she wobbled, unsteady in her black heels. Dave caught hold of her right arm, and instantly Pierre took her left. She couldn’t believe it, he was touching her, she instantly flushed not just her cheeks but her chest too. Her breathing changed as well.

They both helped her into the taxi, Pierre got in the front. Mel was a little confused, Dave informed her that |Pierre didn’t live too far away and he had kindl;y offered to let us go there, so the men could have another drink.

At Pierre’s house he showed them to the lounge, poured a couple of drinks, then disappeared. Minutes later he returned in  t-shirt and shorts. This seemed to perk Mel up and she sipped her drink. The men were discussing the football, Mel wasn’t that interested but she was still staring at Pierre. 

Pierre asked if they’d like some music on, and chose nice soul music from the 80’s. The night was going well Dave thought.

Pierre asked Mel if she’d like to dance, she instantly refused, but with a little encouragement from Dave she got up, helped by Pierre, He put his arm around her waist and pulled her in close. She was giggling like a schoolgirl with a crush. Pierre led the dance and then it happened. Mel looked up into Pierre’s eyes and kissed him. This was the best thing Dave had seen in a long time. Soon their mouths were locked together, tongues darting with each other.

Pierre now had a hand on Mel’s bum, squeezing it gently, Dave could not see a gap between them, as they were the same height their crotches were together, Dave could see Pierre’s erection. Mels was rubbing against him. 

Pierre looked at Dave who just nodded. He grabbed Mel’s hand and lead her to the sofa, Sitting next to her he leaned in for another kiss, this time his hand found her breast, he could easily slip it inside her dress, finding she didn’t have a bra on. He played with her nipple, it was rock hard by now. Mel had slid her hand to Pierre’s shorts, rubbing him on the outside of the material. He looked very aroused. Dave had noticed Mel had not even looked at him throughout.

Mel slowly undid his shorts, and a gasp left her lips as his cock wasn’t covered by boxer shorts. She grabbed hold of him releasing him from the material. Pierre gently took her hand off him and stood up. He was right in front of her mouth. Mel took this as an instruction to suck him. That she did, taking him in, using her tongue to lick the lip. Dave saw that she gave him the quickest of glances, and a huge smile on her lips. He grabbed her head and he was nearly all the way in, Mel gagged so he eased back a little.

Pierre was now fingering Mel as she devoured him. She was soaking wet and was now so close to coming. Pierre pushed at her shoulders so she fell back on the sofa, her legs opening for them both to see. Her pussy was glistening. And was open from the fingering. Dave was transfixed, seeing what another man had done to Mel.

Without another word Pierre put the tip of his cock at the entrance of Mel. She took a deep breath as he slowly entered her. His brae cock now covered in her married juices. Pierre grabbed her legs holding her open, wider, he was now pounding her. The noise of two bodies slapping together. Mel shouted out and came all over Pierre’s cock. He kept fucking her for all he was worth. He was now making sure it was full thrust everytime. Mel’s back was arched. Pierre shouted he was coming, and shot a huge load of cum deep inside her. The warmth filling Mel. He didn’t withdraw straight away, he slid his cock in and out slowly, cum leaking out of her. Then once fully out he replaced his cock with his fingers, Covering them. He offered them to Mel who licked them clean. Then Pierre kissed her lips, tasting both of them.

He told Dave that he and Mel could have his bed for the night, and he would have the sofa. Dave and \Mel were very grateful as they didn’t fancy a taxi ride home with Mels freshly fucked face. Pierre did inform them that he may pay them a visit in a few hours, and, \mels was now his.

Uncle visits

Uncle visits London

I had been planning a visit to Lonon for quite some time, one to get away from work, the wife and all that comes with a normal life. And a visit to London meant I got to see my Nephew and Niece. It had been a few years since I had spent any time with them. So was a much needed rest.

I took the train down, it’s more relaxing and can have a quiet drink, well I had decided to go 1st class. The carriage was empty so I got very personal service from the drinks bar, in fact she was quite attractive, if not a little plump, her uniform blouse was quite tight across her ample bussom. The trip didn’t take long and I was soon in Kings Cross. I headed straight to the tube and went to my hotel near Ealing. It’s an above standard hotel and very quiet, even if it is on the north circular.

I got changed and decided to have a drink in the bar before iI got the tube into town. I downed it quickly as I was excited, even at 51 to see the 2 of them. My Nephew Stan had travelled down from the North of England the day before. 

We had arranged to meet at a pub in Soho, The tube was quiet so I had a seat all the way, I keft the tube station, I was 20 minutes early so had a little look around the shops to waste some time. It had started to rain so I decided it was time to go to the pub. When I walked I could see both of them stood at the bar. Alex looked amazing in an above the knee dress, red, and a blue denim jacket, Stan I really didn;t take much notice of the poor lad. 

I walked straight up to them, shook Stan’s hand, with a little man hug, then kissed Alex on both cheeks. She smelled delightful, I never knew the names of the perfumes and didn’t want to make a scene of hope good she looked at the aroma she was giving off. 

We took a table and sipped our drinks, catching up on the latest family news, who was doing what and to whom. It was great to see them and we quickly got onto rounds two then three for drinks, all 3 of us loosening up as the drinks took their effect. We ordered a few snacks so as not to get too drunk. Then as I promised them earlier we went and did some shopping, buying them both a couple of presents for their birthdays and Christmas. 

It was getting dusk and I thought I’d better head back to the hotel and get freshened up, we had booked a restaurant that night for a nice slap up meal. I wore black jeans, a white shirt and my new woolen jacket. I was soon back on the tube, missing the bar at the hotel, and went to St Pauls, where we met at Cafe Rouge.

Alex again looked breathtaking, this time a plain blue dress, buttoned down the front, hair looked freshly washed and curled, Stan had made a big effort too and was dressed in a full suit with an open collar shirt. 

The food was delicious as were the 2 bottles of wine we ordered. Followed by a whiskey for me and Stan and a mojito for Alex. It was soon time to leave and we went to the tube, thinking I was going to say goodnight and head back to the hotel. Stan said they would like to see more of me, so invited me back to Alex’s, where they had more drinks awaiting us. How could I say no.

We got back to Alex’s flat and made ourselves comfortable. I sat in an armchair, Stan and Alex on the sofa. We chatted a lot more and the drinks kept coming. I must admit I was a little drunk by now and I don’t think I could have made it to the tube, so Dan said I could have the bedroom he was sleeping in and he would take the sofa. We all said our goodnights and went to bed.

As with most nights when you drink a bit too much I needed a piss, so found my way in the darkness to the bathroom, I then decided to get a drink of water. I went to the sink, filled a glass and turned around, noticing that Stan wasn’t on the sofa. As I went back to the bedroom I could hear noises coming from Alex’s bedroom, the door was slightly ajar. Now it must have been the drink in me as I wouldn’t have normally done this. I peeked through the crack and saw Stan and Alex on the bed kissing, very passionately. Stan was down to boxer shorts and Alex just french knickers. Their hands were exploring each other, Stan was caressing Alex’s breasts, she in return had her hand down the front of Stan’s boxers, obviously giving him a slow wank. I should have gone and returned to my bedroom but i was transfixed. 

Alex had taken Stan’s cock out and had now taken him in her mouth, Slowly sucking him, the full length of his shaft in her mouth. Stanhad Pulled Alex’s knickers off and was fingering her very delightful pussy, one of the nicest I had ever seen. That’s when it happened, I sneezed loudly, They both jumped and Stran to the door, a clear hard on still there. He said he was so sorry and this should never have happened. I told him it was ok and I wasn’t surprised as Alex was a stunner and admitted I had a big crush on Alex. It seemed to come as a shock and I pushed passed him so I could take a good look at Alex in all her nakedness. She was glistening, and tried to cover herself up. She begged me not to tell their parents, they would disown them and male stan moved away. I told her not to worry their secret was safe with me. 

I grabbed the duvet and pulled it off Alex, she didn’t cover up this time, I leaned in and kissed her full on the mouth. Tongue easing inside her mouth quickly finding her tongue. To my surprise she kissed me back. I looked at Stan and asked him what he was waiting for, He climbed back on the bed and his head went straight to her legs, now open, showing noth of us her wet pussy. He began to lap at her like a crazy dog.

I unzipped my jeans and took my cock out. Alex didn’t need any encouragement, and took me between her lips, Tasting my precum, looking me in the eyes, trying to look innocent. Stran moved up and placed the head of his cock against her pussy lips, I asked him if he wasn’t going to put a condom on, he said they never had before. This drove me wild and i cam in my nieces mouth, whilst watching my nephew fuck her with a psiion I hadn’t seen before, it was a mixture lof love and lust. He fucked her for a good 10 minutes whilst I just sat on the edge of the bed, recovering and taking it all in. When he was about to cum he withdrew and shot a load over her pussy lips and stomach.

With my hand I rubbed the cum into her skin. I told him it was good to see he hadn’t cum in her, he smiled and said that’s later uncle, I left them to it and through the rest of the night could hear moans and groans.

The next morning there was no strange silences, we chatted and Alex asked when I would be returning, this time not to book a hotel as there was always a bed for me here. On y way I got a text from Stan asking me to never speak a word to anyone, he told me they wanted to experiment with fisiting and give Alex her first anal experience, well what could I do…

Blonde milf

She was a blonde 31 year old milf, single for 3 years and to put it bluntly was gagging for it. We had arranged to meet her at hers, she wanted to feel comfortable, we had both chatted to her for a few weeks and she was definitely game for a day of fun. 

We travelled separately, keeping in touch to arrive at the same time, she lived in a modern flat, on the 2nd floor overlooking a river and a park on the other side of the bank. 

We took the stairs and knocked on the door, Sally opened it slowly and a big smile appeared on her face when she saw the 2 of us. She was in a ruby dress, low cut, that showed off her massive cleavage, there was a great view of pure flesh.

She invited John and I in, and we went into the seating area of the flat, it was a kitchen diner. She offered us a drink and we both asked for a lager, she had a glass of rose. Class girl. 

The dress really showed off her full figure and was just see through enough to see a thong eating her arse. She turned towards us, drinks ready, that grin still filling her face. Her blonde hair had been curled, probably by some kind of tongs, And she had makeup on to enhance her eyes, lips and cheekbones.

See sat opposite us, but that just didn’t feel right so John and I made a space between us, and invited her over. She sat back on the sofa and I took her glass off her and put it on the coffee table. I moved closer to her and kissed her neck, John had a hand on her thigh, her dress had already moved up an inch or two showing freshly shaved legs, with a hint of fake tan.  Her breathing was deep and slow as I planted my lips on her neck,leaving a mark. 

John had now moved his attention to her breasts,her nipples hard through the dress, she turned to me and kissed me, her full lips covering mine. Tongues caressing and darting with each other, she tasted of a mixture of mint and rose. Probably had been chewing gum before we arrived.

John had managed to get the top of her dress down, releasing her huge breasts, I had ever seen nipples like it. They were huge. I took the left, john the right. She was moaning now, egging us to nibble them hard, I got her nipple between my finger and thumb and squeezed, she yelped and nearly jumped off the sofa, John held her down, I pulled it hard making it sore.

She was now ready for more and was undoing both our flies on our jeans, she took us both out, with a little lick of her lips in appreciation. I had moved my hand in between her legs and in one movement tore her flimsy knickers off, throwing them on the floor. They looked very damp.

Her legs opened and John’s hand joined me holding one leg pulling them apart. She was busy wanking us both to care. Her pussy had a little tuft of hair, nicely shaped. I put a finger straight inside her whilst John rubbed her clit, She was soaking by now. I told her to stand up, as she did I grabbed her waist, turned her around and bent her over, pointing her head in John’s cock. She quickly took him in her mouth, slurping away as if her life depended on it. 

I eased the tip of my cock in her, opening her up, Then she pushed back on to me, making sure I was in deep. Still holding onto her hips I fucked her rigorously, ramming her beautiful unused pussy. I couldn’t hold on for long and spurted a thick load inside her, pulling out quickly, then shoving three fingers in, covering me, I rubbed it on her ass cheeks and onto her bum hole, slowly sliding a finger in. This drove her wild, she sucked John as hard as she could and he shouted he was coming, she didnt swallow but took it all over her lips and chin. 

She stood up and reached for a tissue but I stopped her, I needed to get a picture of this. I sat her on the sofa and clicked away, she loved it.

After a few minutes to my surprise John was hard again he lifted her legs and nudged his cock against her bum hole, she looked shocked. As I had lubed it before it was easy for him to enter her sacred hole with just the tip. The shock was replaced with a real pleasure she hadn’t felt before, She grabbed hold of John’s bum and pulled him in, she had been ass fucked for the very first time in her 31 years and she loved it. John erupted again, with just a small amount of cum deep in her arse. She was now complete.

For the next 10 minutes I took pictures of her in a fucked state and plied her with drink. We told her we would return another day, maybe with more men and definitely more toys…

Indi breaks the rules

Indi is as the name suggests an Indian wife,who was a virgin to her husband, yet she has lost all her innocence since being married, here’s why…

Indi had been brought up to be a proper wife, cook and clean, make sure her husband was happy in all walks of life, including the bedroom. She was shy at first and would insist getting undressed in the dark and wearing a nightie in bed. Sex was quite straight forward, him on top, empttying himself in her whenever he wanted and she would lie in the mess after, never complaining.

However things took a turn for the worse, or better, depends which way you look at it. 

Money was tight and the bills were just getting paid, with not much left to enjoy life. They had to do something. Her husband worked hard and long hours, but he couldn’t earn enough. He’d had some dark thoughts about Indi before, and with a little courage asked her if she would help bring some money in. Of course she would , she was his wife. She would do anything so as not to bring disgrace on her husband.

She was very petite and attractive, always wearing short skirts, showing her body off. This was a prompt to the first way to earn extra cash. Her husband followed her around whilst out taking pictures of her in various situations, showing her legs and knickers. He found a website where he couldn show her off and was soon getting requests for poses and situations, they were also being offered money to send the pictures.

It brought some well earned money, but also risk of them being seen by family if people exposed her, there had to be another way. 

Her husband had another idea, a lap dancing club had opened, not a seedy one, it was quite posh. They went to take a look and were pleased it was run by a woman. The dancers were behind screens so couldn’t be touched, it was a policy of the club. Keep it erotic.

They talked it over and Indi took a few days to make her mind up, She knew she was good lookin and men would love to ogle her. So she took the plunge and agreed to 2 nights a week at £100 per night plus tips. 

It all went well and she would come home telling him how much she had made, she was always up for sex when she got home and he would fuck her so hard, and now she was more adventurous. It was a win all round, great sex and more money.

After a few months the owner told Indi she could make money doing private dances. This was in a booth, with a camera set up for security. Again no touching from the men. She would dance close to them feeling their breath all over ther body. Some of the men were attractive and she did feel turned on. Shebecame a lot brave and started to sit on the men’s knees, sometimes so wet she would leave a stain on their jeans or trousers.

This turned her on more as she was making good money, she would go home and tell him how many men she had danced for. This made him so horny and they would fuck all night, both covered in juices. 

Indi loved her job, she felt safe, loved the attention and the money to buy expensive things. 

One night at the club she had a request for a dance in the boot. She went straight to it opening the curtain. It was a 51 year old ex rugby player. She was attracted to him straight away, which always made things easier.She danced the first song keeping away from him. She could see he was excited as his cock was straining in his jeans. She decided that she would sit on his knees, he had behaved himself so far. She rubbed herself on his leg, her clit throbbing. She was wet and he was breathing deeper.He put his hands on her waist and she recoiled and told him he couldn’t do that. He said he could as he knew the manager. She rang the bell and a bouncer came straight away. She told him what was going on and he told her to wait outside the booth whilst he got the manager. 

When the manager came she went into the booth, seconds later she came out. Telling Indi that the gent was called Pierre, a big business man in the area, who had invested a lot of money in the club. She told her that the rules don’t count for him. If Indi wanted to earn a lot of cash she could go back into the booth. 

Indi didn’t know what to do, she texted her husband and he said if it was safe and she was o.k then he was. She took a deep breath and entered the booth once more. Pierre was sat there with a big grin on his face, He patted his knee for her to sit down, she turned her back to him but he grabbed her hips and satb he facing him, burying his head into her tits, lickin ghtenm sucking her nipsn hard, making her whince.  She was naked and he was clothed, she went to take his shirt off but he pushed her hands away, He just undid his jeans and took his cock out, she looked down and saw a thick vein running through it, he grabbed her hips again and lifted her onto him, entering her full, all the way, she nearly screamed, she was wet but it did hurt a little, He controlled the pace, lifting her up and then back down, engorged on him. She was under his control. He grabbed her tits squeezing them hard, m,making marks on them. He told her to stand up, turn around, he bent her over and rammed himself back into her, she was getting well fucked. She came on his cock, feeling ashamed at how turned on she was. 

He told her to get on her knees and look up at him, She went to touch his cock, again he pushed her hands away, shoving it between her lips, again he controlled her, getting all his cock into her mouth, she still couldn’t touch him. He told her he was about to come and withdrew his cock spurting spunk all over  her face and lips, some going in her eye, She didn’t dare wipe it away, He just zipped up and left, leaving her knelt on the floor, he threw something at her. When she had cleaned her face she saw it was a bundle if £50 noted, £1000 to be exact….. What was she going to say when she got home…

Susan by the sea

Well what can I say, I had been chatting to Stewart online for quite a while, lockdown does limit what you can do. I’d had the odd message from Sue, but they wanted to keep the anticipation there, build the tension. I had seen so many pics of Sue throughout her years, dressed, undressed and in action. I can tell you now I was so ready to meet them. 

I had driven over to the west coast of England, to the seaside of all places. So a fun trip whatever happened. You could smell the brine as I drove down the seafront with my window open.

I had dressed quite smart, a change for me as I am usually in shorts, I’m a mountaineer in my spare time. I didn’t want to disappoint either of them as I had been told Sue would be dressed up for the meet.

I pulled up to the car park and headed straight into the pub which had been chosen, there were quite a few people in so we could easily blend in. I ordered the drinks and took them to a table near the window. Stewart had text to say they would be 10 mins. I sipped my shandy slowly, well I was driving and didn’t know how long I would be. 

They walked through the door at bang on 10m mins Stewart first followed by Sue.Both looked amazing, but my eyes were fixed on Sue, sorry Stewart, She had a white blouse under a dark jacket and a dark knee length skirt, with what looked like black stocking, finished with black heels. They quickly joined me thanking me for the drinks. Sue sat opposite me and Stewart to my left. The conversation soon flowed, we were getting on very well, and a few belly laughs showed we had the same sense of humour.

The drinks finished, Stewrat got up to order another round, I said I would have another shandy, Stewart quickly informed me we would be spending some time together and that the hotel we had booked would definitely be getting a visit for all 3 of us. 

Whilst Stewart was at the bar Sue shifted seats and was next to me, we looked at each other and I instantly put my hand around her back and pulled her close. We kissed, not just a peck on the lips, but a full blown passionate kiss. I’m sure the people around us knew what was going on…

Stewart returned to the table and said “ I can see you two are well acquainted now”, we ignored him and carried on kissing.

We broke off and just looked at him and we all broke out laughing, the ice had definitely melted.

I followed them in the car to the hotel, it wasn’t that far. It was quite nice but out of the way and had a bar, gym and a concert room.

We grabbed the two keys and went to our separate rooms, to spruce up. I had a quick shower and changed into shorts and a t-shirt, I felt more comfortable. Stewart text to say they were ready, they were on the same floor so I was soon knocking on their door. 

Stewart answered the door and I walked in and Sue was sitting on the edge of the bed, dressed in a dressing gown which was open, I could see a black lacy bra and stockings with a hint of lacy knicker. She looked amazing. I quickly sat next to her and we started to kiss, again very passionately, we fell back onto the bed and Sue’s dressing gown opened more showing off her body. Stewrat was busy taking photos and had quickly discarded all his clothes and was clearly turned on. 

I had to touch Sue everywhere, her breasts were amazing and could feel her hard nipples through the material of her bra. This did not stay on long and I was quickly sucking and nibbling her breasts and rock hard nipples. I could hear her moaning and sure I heard Stewart say something but I was so engrossed in Sue. 

Sue soon had her hands over my crotch rubbing me, I was rock hard and straining to be released, I stood up and quickly removed my shorts, Sue’s head was in line with me and she peeled my boers down, releasing me. She gave out a moan, and I put my hand to the back of her head bringing her closer. She licked the tip gently but i wanted it in her mouth so pulled her onto me. She took me in her mouth wrapping her red lips around me. She got to work on me slurping every inch of me. Stewart was very busy now with the camera. 

I pushed Sue Back onto the bed, on her back, her legs opening for me. I kissed my way up her legs to her knockers, could smell her, I pulled the gusset to one side and there it was , her wet pussy, glistening like stars in the night. Her lips were slightly open and I could see her clit, ready to be licked. I lapped it up tasting all her juices, putting her clit between my lips giving it a gentle tug. She told me she was cumming, I tasted it all, Stewart decided he’d had enough watching and put his cock on her lips, she devoured it, I inserted 2 fingers into her, soaking wet, then three whilst rubbing her clit with my thumb. This got them Both going and Stewart spunked down his wife’s throat which she swallowed graciously. 

I inched up her body and told Stewart to hold SDue’s legs, Wide open. I couldn’t wait any longer and entered her, quickly filling her all the way to my balls,. Stewart to told me to fuck her cunt, i did as hard and fast as I could, She was writhing, stewart had shoved his cock back down her thoroat to muffle her. I had my hands under her arse to lift her up off the bed and was ramming my cock into her cunt for all my worth. Sue had covered me in all her juices right down my shaft and balls, I’m sure they would be cleaned later. I thrust hard again and couldn’t control myself, I emptied my entire ball sack into Sue, she screamed out, feeling me fill her with warm spunk. 

I stayed in her for a short while, Stewart got his camera and as I withdrew a trickle of cum followed me, her cunt was open to see and Stewart took some great pics for all to see in the future.

This was just the start of the afternoon. I had her all night as Sue was to spend the night in my room to be returned to him the next morning when I had finished with her….

Petite red

Petite red

She is a red head from Fife in Scotland. Married to a cuckold husband. She wants to be exposed as much as possible. Letting everyone in her town what a naughty woman she is. So where do I come into this. Well let me tell you.
We had been chatting on twitter and kik quite a lot. I was fascinated in her exploits. I’d seen pictures and videos of herewith different men. These seemed to turn a lot of men, and women on. So I wanted my piece of her. I had arranged to go up to Fife on my day off. As it was a 4 hour drive I was up and out of the house early. I didn’t stop at all on the way up. Eager to get tgere and use this woman.

It was quite misty in Scotland. So the last few miles took longer than expected. Which was very frustrating as I was sexually charged. In fact in all honesty I’d been hard for the last 20 mins thinking about what I was going to do. Finally I pulled up onto their drive. As requested the door was unlocked and I let myself in. The staircase was straight in front of me. Her cuckold husband had also done as requested. He was sat on the sofa with the lounge door open. He just nodded at me as a hello. He had been instructed not to talk to me. There were further instructions for him written on a piece of paper, sealed in an envelope. Petite red didn’t know what was in the letter.

I quickly made my way up the stairs to the main bedroom on the left. Petite red was laid on the bed, dressed in a black Basque, black knickers, hold ups and very high heeled black shoes just as requested. These two knew what their roles were in life. And they would now be rewarded.
Now as she is there to be used I didn’t waste any time. No pleasantries were needed. I took my hard cock out and put it to her lips. She licked the tip clean. Then I held her head and quickly got my cock into her mouth as deep as I could. There was no warming up for this slut. She took the lot. Eyes watering a little and a little gag too. I eased it out but then rammed it back into her warm mouth. Her lips wrapped tightly like she didn’t want to let go, ever.
As I thrust into her mouth I could see her tits shaking. They were nearly falling out of the top of the Basque. So I helped them. I yanked the top down revealing them. In all their glory. Nipples erect and very pink. I gently slapped them one at a time. Making marks on them. She was shouting out her approval she was sure going to take everything I could do to her . I’d never fucked someones mouth this hard before. And I knew I wouldn’t last much longer I grabbed her nipples and with one thrust shot a huge load of hot spunk down her throat. She swallowed the lot, a pure pro.
Her mouth relaxed, she must have thought she would get a rest now. Oh how wrong she was. I made her clean my cock and suck my balls. My arse on her face. The doorbell rang. This put her off her stride. But I just held her head and told her hubby would answer it. I don’t think she realised this is what I had planned .my cock was still in her mouth keeping her head on the bed. The hubby walked in. A big grin on his face, “you have VISITORS” . I lifted off her face allowing her to look up. She stared straight at the three men standing there. Looked up to me and whispered “thank you.”
The men stripped of quickly. One of them grabbing her legs and moving them towards me. I got hold of them and held them open for all to see her married pussy. Hands were everywhere. Tits, pussy and arse. At one point one guy had 3 fingers deep in her whilst another was sucking and nibbling her tits. The third was playing with her very tight bumhole. As she loved it bareback the first guy entered her now sopping pussy. He was the smallest and I don’t think she was that impressed. But he gave her as good a seeing as he could. Pulling out at the last minute, shooting hot cum all over her belly. She was not happy as she wanted them to cum in her. The second guy was much bigger and Rock hard. He could only get the tip in at first. So I held her legs wider. Inviting him to get in deep. After a few thrusts he was pushing right up inside her. Stretching her open. She was coming hard on his cock. Shouting out. Hubby was sat in the corner encouraging the guy to fuck her harder. This spurred him on and in minutes he emptied himself deep into her. As he pulled out he was followed by a trickle of his sperm, he scooped it up and offered it to her to lick off. Which she did , eagerly.
The third guy didn’t need an invitation and quickly inserted himself into her. He had waited so long for his turn that he didn’t last long at all. Filling her with her second load. What a sticky mess she was. We all got dressed quickly. Hubby did as instructed and laid on the bed fully clothed, held her in his arms and told her he loved her.

Now this is fiction she is real.

You can’t have too much Candy

I had used twitter for business and social pleasure. Recently I decided I would like to take my amateur writing to another level. I had an interest in erotic writing and thought I could put pen to paper so to speak.  

I set up an account with my pseudonym. Started to add females and couples that describes themselves as hotwives , sluts, swingers. I soon had over 200 that I was following.  

Some of the content was just retweeted from other accounts. However, there was 3 or 4 that really took my eye. I began to take a big interest in their posts. I must admit they turned me on, and I soon found I was interacting with them and luckily, they interacted with me. 

So now to the star of this story. Candy. A married lady who had an account with her hubby. They seemed very relaxed and has a great eye for a good post. the pictures were stunning of her. Some clothes and some naked. Then occasionally some of Candy in action., With hubby or on one occasion that I have seen a man in the porn business. 

We interacted a lot over the next few days. Then I did something I have never done before. Candy had a wishlist with a company called the knicker fairy. I took a long look at the list and one item I really liked and knew it would look good on Candy. So I bought it and a few days later she received it in the post. I was thanked in person and on twitter. That made me feel so good. 

Now Candy had a photoshoot booked and informed me that she would be taking the dress with her. Wow that really did feel good on the day of the photoshoot I was sent initial pics and later the full file. She looked amazing in the dress. And well she didn’t leave anything to the imagination. I now wanted more. It turned out so did she and her hubby. 

We were now texting each other and the very odd phone call when we weren’t busy with our normal vanilla lives Candy knew t 

Candy asked if iI wanted to meet in person, and not for a drink. I wanted to be part 9f her sexual life. I wanted us to share our bodies and of course for her hubby to.be there too.  This was it. The highlight of my very new sexual adventures. Candy had asked If the action could be filmed and take stills. Of course that’s exactly what I wanted. The date was set for me to travel to them.  

I didn’t sleep much the night before. I was excited with the sexual tension that had built up. When I woke i showered making sure |I was scrubbed clean and smelt nice. I dresses smart but casual as arranged. Nice jeans and a buttoned shirt. With the aftershave of choice, coach.  

It only took 40 minutes to drive to their house. We lived in the same county. The sat nav found their house perfectly and I parked on the drive way as instructed. I looked towards the hose and saw the window blinds move. They knew I was here.  

Hubby answered the door, holing out his hand, we shook as though we had known each other for years. A few pleasantries were exchanged then he told me that Candy was upstairs in the bedroom. I couldn’t get up the flight of stairs quick enough.    

There she was. Sat on the edge of the bed, in the red dress I had bought her. With red kickers, sheer hold ups and red high heeled shoes. Jesus she looked fantastic. There were 2 cameras on tripods, ready to film the evnt. Hubby broke the ice by walking up to her and kissing her fully on the lips, deep, tongues caressing each other. All the while Candy was looking straight at me. It had to be an invitation to move to the bed. Hubby stopped kissing her and moved to the side, Candy was still looking at me. I bent down looking into her eyes. Her lips parted and I kissed her, gently at first but she pulled my head to her, deep kisses, hard to breathe. I couldn’t help myself, I moved my hand to her right breast and caressed it, finding a nice hard nipple. The top came down and her breasts were released. Hubby moved in and took a nipple in between his lips, I did the same with the other, She was in ecstasy. I kissed her again and hubby pushed her back onto the bed, her legs came up and instantly parted.  

Hubby grabbed the crotch of her knickers and pulled them to one side, revealing her waxed pussy. He rubbed his hands on her pussy lips, giving her a little spank.  This made her jump and wriggle on the bed. Her pussy lips were a little red. He quickly moved his mouth towards her, kissing it, then her lips parted and he tongued her clit. She had her hands on my jeans unbuttoning my fly, Her hand went in side my boxers, feeling me. Hubby was now fingering her hard. Her legs wider now. She told me to get undressed. It took me seconds, I was stood there, erect, and ready. 

Candy took hold of my hand and ushered me up the bed, Her hands taking me between then, She moved them up and down my cock. There was pre cum on the end and she licked it off just like it was an ice cream. Her lips tongue and mouth felt amazing on my cock. She whinced, hubby had just inserted his rock hard cock inside her. This made her devour my cock, taking it to the back of her throat. She was looking me straight in the eyes. God this was so horny. Hubby was fucking her for all he was worth. Her back arching, helping him to thrust deeper. Watching this, and having her mouth around me was too much. I shouted out I was cumming. Neither of them moved a muscle and my thick warm spunk shot into the mouth. She didn’t take it out, preffering to swallow some, then a little dribble down from the corner of her mouth.  

Hubby was fucking Candy really hard now, His balls were tightening and he came deep in her. Never losing rhythm. Candy was cumming now too. I grabbed her nipple hard. This tipped her over the edge and an orgasm ripped through her body. Hubby climbed off her, a trickle of cum dribbling out of her pussy. He scooped it up on his fingers and placed them into Candy’s mouth. She licked them clean. 

Candy was now caressing me hard again. I want you to fuck me. Wow. She was insatiable. I reached down to my trouser pockets to get a condom. Candy told me I wouldn’t be needing it, she wanted to feel skin on skin. This would be only the second time |I had fucked someone after she had just been fucked. She got onto all fours, spreading herself for me with her fingers. It was glistening with spunk and her juices. I slid into her. It felt so warm and very sticky. Hubby was now having his cocked sucked. She was trying to say something but he had his cock right down her throat, pulling on her head, forcing it further in.  

I had hold of her hips, she was pushing onto me. I could see my cock burind in her all of it. She kept pushing harder onto me, Then I took control. I held her firm, ramming my cock into her, then pulling nearly all the way out. I really wanted to cum. She told me to pull out an cum all over her are cheeks. I did, and came the second time, to my surprise another big load. Hubby was now ready to cum and he shot his load all over her large breast, covering them. None of us moved for a few seconds. Laughing together with the sheer joy of the fun we had just had.  

We go dried off and I got dressed. I wanted to go home smelling of Candy. She escorted me to the dorr and a parting kiss. Telling me that next time her ass would need more attention and we would be having some food fun. 

I love sweets, no correction, I love Candy 

The work Colleague

We both started within a few days of each other she was the first one into the company I was a few days after we hit it off straight away and made she me feel really comfortable. She was a strikingly good-looking woman with blonde hair are perfect body and immaculately dressed all in black a nice tight sweater and leather skirt and dark black tights with shiny high heel shoes. We would often meet having a coffee in the canteen and occasionally at lunchtime if we were on the same shift together. We chatted about work and also about the weather like everybody else does but there was something else there, a glint in our eyes as we looked at each other, the corners of her mouth turned upwards into a cheeky smile. Occasionally she bit her lip lightly or even licked them, then just before leaving the canteen would reapply that red lipstick to her lovely moist lips. It took some time to build up the courage to ask her to go for a drink after work. I planned to go with some of the others so made it look like I was inviting her along with the rest but really I just wanted to be alone with her. She made my heart thump and my cock twitch.  

At 5pm we all went across the road to the Greene King pub I was so nervous I drank 2 pints before I could make a sentence, she was busy chatting to two of the other girls. I couldn’t stop looking at her and occasionally she looked out of the corner of eye, looking at me again a cheeky smile on her face, eyes glistening just like the sparkling diamonds around her neck and rings on her fingers. I went to the toilet when I came back I made an effort to go to stand near her she didn’t look shocked and again a smile on her face said she was pleased. We chatted about the day and also about things outside of work, we also found out we had a big interest in music we both like soul music. I said we should go to a club one time; she nodded her head without saying a word and knew she meant we would go. It took me a couple more days to ask her out for a drink on a lunchtime. I asked if she would meet me and she agreed and saying that would be nice.  

On the day, at 12 we head across to the green King pub and sat right in the corner in a very quiet booth. Surrounded by glass walls that are painted so nobody can see in, I ordered the drinks and took them over and sat next to rather than opposite her, again she didn’t seem surprised or shocked and seemed pleased that I had. We chatted more than we ever had in that hour hands touched once and the electricity went through my body and I think hers too. We looked at each other and I just couldn’t help myself I moved in closer to her and just held my hand over her hand. She didn’t move it, it was resting on her thigh. She got her other hand and placed it on top of mine and then removed the bottom one so my hand was on her thigh, I gave it a gentle squeeze she breathed deeply then I moved closer to her. She looked me straight in the eyes her lips parting slightly, I knew it was an invitation to kiss her it was just a gentle kiss to start and then I put my hand on the back of her head and pulled her closer to me, our lips parted and tongues darted with each other, dancing, kissing deeply, our breathing getting deeper and longer. She gave out a little moan I knew she was enjoying it. We continued to steal kisses in between sips of our drink. The talk seemed to slow down and we had less to say to each other. We were more engrossed in enjoying each others lips. 

 I couldn’t keep my hands off her thigh and feel the stocking tops that she was wearing that day. I also wondered whether I have made her slightly wet through this kissing.  Unfortunately our luch was over and we had to head back to the office. That afternoon was excrutiatingly painful. I kept getting an erection thinking about the kisses.

We left the building at the same time around 5 and didn’t say much, I said I will text her later that night. We were texting each other quite a lot we had to be discreet as we were both married. That night I got brave and at one point text her and ask her if she would like to go out for a drink, just the two of us again this time on an evening and also asked her whether she would be interested in a hotel date. she text back a couple of hours later keeping me waiting saying yes that will be nice but it will have to be away from work and where we lived. we both lived in London but the opposite ends to each other.  

I booked the hotel for a couple of days in advance. We told our significant others we working away. Those two days went very slowly and it was torture at work, looking at each other but not meeting at all anywhere build up the tension. the date day finally came, once again the day went really slowly. I didn’t see her today she was in meetings the whole day. I just got my head down and carried on with my tasks.  when work was over she left first going across the road for a coffee. I went to the pub and waited for her to text to say she’s on her way.  I ordered both our drinks, again when she arrived she looked stunning as usual. Dressed in her white blouse white bra and this time she had a dark navy short skirt and tights and blue shoes with the obligatory sparkling Jewellery. she smelt delicious.  

There wasn’t much talking to be done. We just kept kissing and slowly touching each other on the legs and on the arms. At one point I did put my hand around her to pull her closer to me and gave her a very deep long lingering kiss. We stayed for two drinks it helped with the slight nervousness and anticipation of what was to come. We got a cab to the hotel, checked in quickly as it was done online and head to the room. I’d booked room 206. She was surprised to see that it was a suite. She told me she was going to the bathroom to freshen up. I went into the main part of the room where the bed was and popped the cork of the champagne that I’d ordered earlier.  

we sipped the champagne in between kisses, gentle kisses to start with and then more passionate as the minutes went by. I grabbed her by the back of her head again and and down the middle of her back pulling her close. We kissed deeper than we had before my hand down the middle of back moving towards he pert bottom.  she pulled me in even closer, feeling me straining against her. I undid the buttons of her blouse and so the first time I saw her wonderful cleavage encased in that white lace bra. she wanted to undo it but I told her not to. I wanted to tease her more we undressed dressed very slowly and laid on the bed. We’d finished the first glass of champagne and now laid down on the bed, she was on my left, turning to each other and started to kiss again this time my hand found her breasts it slipped inside her bra. I found her right nipple, it was big and very hard but fitted perfectly between my thumb and forefinger. I gave it a gentle squeeze which made her whimper, then tried a little harder but it made her wince and I knew i had gone a little bit too far. 

 She was rubbing my cock through my boxer shorts again moaning and whimpering but it felt good I couldn’t help myself I had to move my hand over her and move it over her knickers feeling the warm and slightly wet crotch of her knickers. She whimpered again telling me to touch her. I pulled her knickers to the side and my middle finger ever so slightly touched her she opened her legs further and pussy opened. I could feel the button of her clit. I slid one finger inside her, my god she was wet. She now had a hand inside my boxers stroking my cock and pulling it gently then just grabbing it. She got both hands on my boxers and pull them down my cock sprang lose, again she looked pleased. By this time I had two fingers deep within her, pulling out giving her clit a lot of attention. I wanted to taste her so firstly I put my finger in my mouth. She wanted to tast too, so I kissed her and we shared the flavour together.  

ver so slowly I worked my way down her body she knew what was coming. I had to taste her properly. She lay on her back legs open, inviting me to give her a good licking my tongue on her clit again. She was writhing around on the bed. it was hard to keep her still. My tongue darted inside her pussy I could taste the sweetness it was so delicious. I wondered whether I could ever come up again. She pulled on the back of my head wanting me to get deeper. I inserted one two then three fingers inside her I could feel her g-spot, she wanted me to finger fuck her hard.  

Within minutes she had me on my back. Working her way down my body her hand on my cock, but this was soon to be replaced by a soft, hot mouth. Starting by only licking the tip. I thought I’d gone to heaven. I’d thought about this for months, this couldn’t be real I knew I’d wake up at some point. She took me in her mouth sucking me all the way down to my pubic bone. My God I couldn’t believe what she was doing this woman was my dream, she kept licking at my cock tasting the precum. She moved back up my body and kissed me whispering in my ear that she wanted me to fuck her. She called her pussy twinkle, she told me that days ago, I just could not say it but I wanted to fuck twinkle. She rolled onto her back and opened her legs inviting me to be on top. I held her thighs, only using the tip of my cock and I teased her clit sending her wild. Fuck me she said I had to oblige I slipped my cock into her ever so slowly all the way up to the hilt. she took it, encasing me and her warm wetness, slowly at first quickening until at one point her legs were shaking.  I was pounding her pussy banging my pubic bone against her clit and my balls against her arse. We were in ecstasy. I could feel my balls tightening I wanted to come but not this way. Again she told me days ago she likes men to cum in her in the doggy position.  

I pulled out and flipped her over with a bit of force she seemed to like that. I grabbed at the side of her legs pulling her onto me I slid easily into her she was soaking wet. By now the rhythm was like clockwork. I kept going and my left hand found her left breast and her nipples giving her a squeeze she whimpered again asking me for more. I carressed her breasts while giving her a good pounding. She asked me to stop. She wanted to get on top and ride me she wants to come this way before I came in her. I can feel the muscles of her pussy contract around my cock, juices flowing around my very short pubic hair. My finger touched her clit rubbing it hard. I wanted her to come harder. I wondered whether the people in the hotel knew what we were doing. She came hard on my cock. Covering me. God it felt good.o lifted her off me. I could see my cock glistening with her juices she quickly found me with her mouth,  tasting both our juices. Kissing me. 

I laid her on her back legs wide open telling me to finish her off. I grabbed the back of her ankles lifting them high into the air, just lifted slightly off the bed.  I plunged into her fucking hard grabbing ramming my cock into her as hard and fast as I could. Again, I didn’t want to come this way I knew she likes it doggy so I flipped her over and quickly put my cock back inside her wetness. Fucking hard again grabbing her hips leaving imprints on her ass cheeks. My balls tightened once again and this time I was allowed to release. My Hot spunk spurted deep within her, hitting the walls inside her pussy. she could feel it nice and warm and sticky. I slowly very slowly pulled out of her. He lips stayed open and a little trickle of cum oozed out of her dripping onto the duvet. I slipped two fingers into her mixing my come inside her covering my fingers she asked to taste it. I put one finger then two into her mouth and she devoured, them licking them clean again. She wanted to kiss me so we kissed again tasting my come off her tongue and lips. we didn’t get much sleep that night we continue to fuck each other when we woke. I got dressed and left the next morning to go to work she followed half an hour later she looks radiant as she walked into the office it was very hard not to go fuck her there and then over a desk 

Paid sites

I get that sexual paid sites make people a lot of money. How do you beome popular. Is it a female or couple who will get more visitors than a male only site.

There are so many sites where you can make money, even here on wordpress. Writing, posting videos and live camming seem to be theyway forward.

I would love to video a few scenarios, just got to find the right people, then would I be what people want to watch.

Let’s see what happens over the next few months.